About Us


My name is Wyatt Taylor and I am the creator and main coach of Mako Training Methods. From a young age I always wanted to help others but was unsure as to what platform I would use to do so. This was until I found a passion for the weight room and since then I have been using this passion to help countless numbers of people achieve their fitness goals. 

On top of years of just writing programs remotely I also have had years of coaching experience at different gyms, am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), have obtained my CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1), pursued my Canadian Power lifting Union coaches card (CPU) and am continuing to educate my self through multiple certifications programs, textbooks, scientific literature and practical experience. While obtaining my degree at the University of Guelph for an Honours in Criminal Justice and Public Policy I also pursued a minor in Psychology to ensure I do not just have a broad understanding of the mechanical side of training but also the mental. 

When it comes to my training philosophies I have always believed the best program is the one the athlete follows which means I make it my goal to ensure the programs I make are engaging and get the results you want. The programs I design are rooted within science, I do not follow fad trends but instead stick to the methods that actually are shown to work. I continue to look at new and upcoming research to ensure the methods are supported by all of science and do not just cherry pick the ones the line up with my views. 

The best feeling in the world is knowing that I can help someone reach their full potential through fitness and not just get them the results they want but give them the tools they need to continue their journey even after we are done working together. All I need now is you!